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The Butcher's Table - From The Loins of Mr Ho's Fine Foods

For me, this visit and invitation to the food review was more than just an ordinary "all in a day's work" kinda narrative. You see, I was one of Mr Ho's Fine Foods REGULAR customers, back in the day when he was right in front of Cold Storage, BSC (original wing). When I was young and happening, I would order slabs of his meats, esp his Signature roast pork (this is way pre MCO before half the Chinese population started making Siu Yoke at home), so yeah, when I saw the sign that said SINCE 1992, I can actually place it in my memory and identify with that era. (when we barely had the internet, let alone a smart phone)

When the kids came, and were of shopping centre jalan jalan age, I used to bring them to BSC. We'd have strudel and cake at Nadia's, and meat treats at Mr Ho's, especially the salt beef and salt tongue. If any of you can remember these outlets, well, we know how old you are. Up till then, and actually till today, I don't know where you can get that quality salt beef and tongue in KL. More about that later.

So in many ways, it was like going to dine at an old friend's place which I haven't visited in years. Also because they really haven't been very visible until the reopening of Butcher's Table in SS2 a few years ago.

Well, this particular outlet is in Pavilion, on the 7th Floor, newly opened, taking over the spot of Pigs and Wolf. And the Porcine theme prevails.

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We started with this lovely sausage platter, comprising a variety, including Farmer's Bratwurst, English Oxford, and Iberico Pork. A bit hard to to from the visual, but suffice to say, they are all juicy and moist. Iberico cost !2.90 per sausage, the others 10.50.

The Pancetta was excellent, like bacon on steroids, but not quite as salty. Excellent beer food. Oh, on that note, we were MOST pleasantly surprised to note that the wines served here are exceedingly reasonably priced. In fact, almost retail prices.

To me, this is the undisputed star of the day. That luscious soft melt in the mouth Salted Beef Brisket, which to me, was comparable to that famous one in that establishment on Oxford Street. However, I do understand that it is not always possible to achieve a consistency that always ensures it's good, afterall, the cow might have played a part. The Salt beef is RM39.50 per serving. Heck, I might grab some tomorrow.

All that meat called for some token greens, and this Garden Green is only RM13.50. Well, it's greens, so there's only so much one can say.

The Signature roast pork ...hmmm, not sure how much. Superb crackling, if the meat was a bit on the overly fat side. Far be it for me to complain about fat pork, but I think when you are eating that much meat in one sitting, it could be a bit too rich.

Smoked Pork Knuckle with Potato Salad, RM86.25. Honestly, I am not sure I liked this method of preparation, it's like a cross between Chinese style and Western style. If you like that smokey taste, then you will like this.

I love the name of this dish, the "TOMAPORK" priced at RM88, vs the Wagyu Tomahawk at 380 per kg. Beautifully presented, but not all parts are equal. It has someone for everyone I guess, Jack Sprat and wife included. The outer bits are fattier, the middle lean, and the part near the bone, lovely and moist. Served with a rather nice coleslaw actually. 35 minute waiting time though, so be warned.

Tomapork Uncut.

Anyway, if you are looking for a meaty esp porky meal, IMHO very reasonably priced, and more importantly, the wines are very affordable, I would not hesistate to pop over to The Butcher's Table.

Butcher's Table, Pavilion KL

Lot 7.01, Level 7

Tel : 03-21104438

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