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Porky Paradise At Leonardo's Dining, Jalan Bangkung

Was a fine afternoon, the smell of freedom permeated the air, faces were smiling again beneath the 3 ply mask as the over month long MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER (MCO) had been partially lifted and we were allowed to dine out again. Was thrilled to be invited to sample the new Iberico porcine offerings Leonardos had to offer. Starting with a newly flown in leg of Jamon de Bellota, it was a treat to see that handsome limb be carved up, slowly past the layers of cured fats, (which is rendered and used as lard for the croquettes, giving it that added oomph. The Iberico jamon was paired with a very interesting CB wine, almost like a sherry but not as sweet. As a preliminary snack before the main event, two heads of suckling pig were also carved up for us to munch on. We continued with an array of cold meats, all Iberico of course, the Chorizon, Salchichon, Lomo, Morcon and Sobrasada De Mallorca. Of course, the undisputed star of the day was the Iberico Suckling Pig, which of course, is not cheap but I guess you could compare it with a cut of wagyu, in terms of price per weight.

So yeah, back to the price of this piggy-let, it's RM568 for half a pig, which i'd say can easily feed 5 to 6 people, or belly for RM218, or the leg/shoulder for RM188. I think I would say it will set you back about RM100 per head, which is certainly no more than a cut off prime beef. Although I have been to Spain, I've never had BIKINIS, which in the words of Ed Soo, one of the owners, it's basically a cheese sandwich albeit a damn good one.

I loved the Pork Riellete RM28, which is a great side and filler. We were lucky there was white asparagus in the house that day, my favourite, and them larverly potato croquettes. RM16 per pair of balls.

Finally, a rack of Iberico Ribs RM148, to "finish the deed" as it were (totally sending us into a food coma), followed by their signature Bak Kut Teh, now luxed up using Iberico with a marginal price increase RM46. And of course, to end the feast, what dish befitting "dessert"", but their heavy lardened Hokkien Mee RM29..

Do check out this Iberican spread at Leonardo Dining Room and Wine Loft 61 Jalan Bangkung Bukit Bandaraya Tel : 03-2096 2226 Open 5pm to 10pm Mondays to Sundays.

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