RM 99 - Boozey Tiramisu

RM 90 - Virgin Tiramisu

Tiramisu - Common but a perennial favourite, layers of coffee sponge with layers of mascarpone cream. Of course always better with alcohol, but understandably some might opt for the more pedestrian option of non alcoholic.


RM 99 - Baked

RM 95 - Chilled

The Hawt Hunk, best selling salty caramel macadamia cheesecake. Cheesy, nutty, sweet, salty, named after the person it was intended.


RM 90 - Boozey Spencer (with alcohol)

RM 85 - Virgin Spencer (without alcohol)

Spencer 4 Seasons, one of the first best sellers since 2006, named after a friend, Spencer. 4 Seasons refers to the 4 layers of chocolate stuff, namely cake, mousse, cookies and cream, and ganache.


RM 95 - Boozey Blackforest

RM 90 - Virgin Blackforest

+ RM 10 - Add Double Cherries

Blackforest - Such a retro cake making a comeback in a big way. That combination of chocolate cake and cherries, with a generous tipple seems to have propelled this into the best seller category in recent times. FOR A EXTRA CHERRYFYING experience, there is an option for double quantity of cherries, whereby you're basically only charged the cost price of the extra can.


RM 90 

Over the years, this has become a firm favourite, and almost a signature dish, served at dinner parties and tea parties. Contains a lot of chicken, and fresh button mushrooms. And yes, the puff pastry is store bought I'm afraid. Approx 8" diameter, served in a disposable aluminium pie tin.  

Leeks and/or coriander make good addtions, but need lead time, and also will be added to the price accordingly. (Approx RM5)



RM 99

The Durian Cheesecake has been a bestseller since day 1, and needs no introduction. The durian pulp used is supposed to be D24 (that's what the supplier says).


Chocolate Based

Boozey Spencer RM90, Virgin Spencer RM85
Mint Choc Chip RM90, With Mint Liqeur RM105
Orange Chocolate RM90, With Cointreau RM105
Tim's Nuts RM90
Boozey Blackforest RM95, Virgin Blackforest RM90, double cherries add RM10
Salty Caramel Chocolate Cake RM85


Burnt Cheesecake RM95
Baked Hawt Hunk RM99, Chilled Hawt Hunk RM95
Baked Pandan Gula Melaka RM85, Chilled Pandan Gula Melaka RM80
The Thamby RM85
Baked Arnotts Mint RM95, Chilled Arnotts Mint RM90
Baked Reese Peanut Butter Cups RM95, Chilled Reese Peanut Butter Cups RM90
Baked Tim Tams RM95, Chilled Tim Tams RM90, Local Tim Tams Minus RM10
Baked Mars Bar /Snickers/Kit Kat - RM85, Chilled less RM5
Baked Toblerone/Kinders Bueno/Maltesers RM90, Chilled less RM5
Baked Oreo RM80, Chilled RM75
Baked Rum Raisin RM95, Chilled RM90
Baked Fatmonkey RM90 Chilled RM85

Durian based

Durian Cheesecake RM99
Aromatherapy RM99


Red Velvet RM90
Boozey Tiramisu RM99, Virgin Tiramisu RM90
Banana Walnut RM85
Carrot Walnut RM85
Sticky Date RM80 + RM10 for caramel topping
Upside Down Pear and Ginger RM95
Bananaramel (Banana Caramel) RM90
Bananarumma (Banana Rum and Caramel) RM100

Pies & Tarts

Salty Caramel Macadamia Tart (Mac Tart) RM95
Salty Caramel Banana Tart RM90
Rum Raisin Pie RM95
Apple Pie RM95
Apple Crumble RM95
Chicken Mushroom Pie RM90
Quiches from RM85 (Depending on filling)


Hey Matcha RM100

Hitam Manis (Burnt Cheesecake) RM95

Salty Balls (Maltesers Cheesecake) RM90 for baked, RM85 for chilled


*FATBOYBAKES is a hobby baker, home made unfinished looking rustic cakes.  Apologies, no novelty or beautifully decorated cakes. (No Skill for that unfortunately).

Spencer 4 Seasons

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